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What’s a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) defines a relationship between the farmers who grow the food and the people who want to share in it. This relationship allows the member to literally receive the farm’s harvest, freshly picked, with all of its vitality still shimmering. For the farmers, members of the CSA paying in advance help tremendously with seasonal start-up costs and help in planning the growing cycle. In this kind of relationship, members also take on some of the risks in farmingrisks like flooding, drought, and early/late frosts. Farming is a risky business, as so many of the variables are beyond the control of the farmer. For their part, the farmers do their best to mitigate the unexpected, but the unexpected is, as Michael’s late father used to say, “all part of the fun.” In return for the support of the CSA members, the farmers guarantee that the food they provide is biodynamically grown, nutritionally dense, and never treated with chemical fertilizers or pesticides. This is a responsibility that extends not only to our members, but to the Creation itself. Members, farmers, and Creation: this is the epitome of community.


When you sign up for a share, you are agreeing to pay for your share up-front (or pay a deposit and makes agreed-to payments). Payments can be made in cash, by check, or by Venmo.


You are responsible for picking up your share. If you are unable to pick it up for any reason, please notify us ahead of time. Feel free to have a friend pick up your share. Otherwise, we will distribute your share to other members.


Things happen! If you need to cancel, please call or email, and we'll work something out.

Our CSA members get 19 weeks of fresh, delicious BEYOND ORGANIC biodynamically-grown vegetables

June—October 2024

(should start the first week of June, depending on the weather)


FULL SHARE: $600      SMALL SHARE: $400        



at the farm, Thursday 2—7:00


DELIVERY (subject to change)

*we will deliver to other locations if we have a minimum of five participants picking up there

Ann Arbor/Saline area (Tuesday 3:40)

Royal Oak (Tuesday 5:00)

Jackson (Thursday 5:00)

—delivery add $50 to share price


*installment payments are available—contact us 

Contact us by email or phone 734-445-8915

Get the enrollment form.

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